About My Practice

I work with young adults, adolescents, individuals, and families experiencing life's challenges.  Concerns brought to therapy include family relationships, grief and loss, trauma, launching into independence, and discerning sexual, gender, spiritual, and cultural identities.  You may be at a crossroads in life, or dealing with a challenging work or family problem.  You may be seeking to improve your relationships with yourself and others, feel more confident and emotionally free, and less burdened by painful experiences.  Therapy is a confidential, safe place to learn new coping and relationship skills and work through barriers to reach your personal goals.  

My approach is active, pragmatic, hopeful, and outcome-focused.  Using cognitive-behavioral, systems theory, and trauma-informed treatment, I work to build on each person's individual strengths and to develop a trusting, collaborative relationship with my clients.  Together we work to become more aware of the beliefs and thoughts that are getting in the way, discern where one may have choices in a situation, and explore new ways to manage reactions and feelings.  My work stems from the principle that individuals naturally incline toward wholeness and can clear barriers to greater satisfaction and fulfillment.

"When you risk sharing what hurts the most in the presence of someone who will not invade you or abandon you, you can learn not to invade or abandon yourself; you can discover within yourself...your invincible preciousness in the midst of your fragility"  James Finley